Consulting & Turnkey Implementation by Expert Consultant.

“If every plant and flower were found in all places, the charm of locality would not exist. Everything varies, and that gives the interest.”
Richard Jefferies

This portfolio is led by Mr.Prashant Gandhudi, a Professional Horticulture-Landscape Consultant with a decade of International Exposure, to provide Pure Consulting & Turnkey Landscaping Project Execution. A Qualified Horticultural Expert, he has more than 8years work experience with various top class resorts in the Maldives. We offer a Specific Consulting for Landscape Design and implementation (Planting) along with supply of Trees, Plants & Horti- inputs to Island Resort Projects in the Maldives and elsewhere.

Main idea and details

Our design structure takes into consideration the specific and peculiar aspects of the site usage to provide easy maintenance and other activity features.

Our customers are provided both pure Consulting and Turnkey Project solutions.

  • Our offers are backed by our nursery business that exclusively caters to International Customers and has a track record spanning over 15years.
  • Coconut Palms' uprooting and transplantation are one of our core strengths.
  • Offer turnkey consulting services for farm establishment in Africa and elsewhere for cash crops, timber plantation, etc.
Project Proposals:

Preparation of project report and Landscape plan include;
* Grading, earth shaping, hard landscaping (roads, parking lots, screen wall, cascades, fountain etc.
* Estimation of total cost of landscape project.
* Final Layout, which will include working design of all outdoor spaces.
* Detailed drawings with working design of all outdoor spaces.
* Detailed drawings with specifications for drainage, lighting, irrigation and planting.
* Recommendation for future maintenance and conservation.
* Garden Design (Soft/Hard Landscape, Water Garden)
* Solution to your all garden related issues covering fertigation, pest & disease control, etc.

Mode of Operation:
Nursery Development:

Establishment of onsite nursery to acclimatise imported or purchased plants to project site environmental conditions.
Saves cost for the promoters..

Upgradation and Modification:

Gives a new feeling of freshness and rejuventation to the guests and inhabitants of the site.

Training :

Training of landscape supervisor and labourers on maintenance and upkeep of plant health and aesthetics. Involves imparting of knowledge on horticultural techniques, pest control, fertigation and irrigation..


on project works with site supervisors and subcontractors on the accuracy and quality of work..

Assessment of work done and preparation of project work:

Gives a realistic assessment of the progress of the work on site to the client and their management team.

Handover of Project and Follow up:

We ensure timely completion and handover of project to client and follow it up with a continuing assessment and advice on maintenance of the executed landscape project.

Beach / Sea Side Villa Landscaping

Tropical beach garden ambience.

Horticultural Consulting

Plants & Plant Protection & Fertigation

Farm Consulting

Establishment of Agricultural Farms for Cash Crops, Coconut Plantation, Timber Plantation

Uprooting & Transplant of Large Trees

Coconut palms, Avenue trees, etc.

Geographical work locations

Maldives, India, Africa

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