NEEM based Bio-pest Control & BioFertilizer



The Neem Tree (Azadirachta Indica) is a native of India. Every part of the tree is useful, has medicinal, cosmetic and pest inhibiting properties. The main active ingredient of Neem is Azadirachtin, a tetranortriterpenoid. It exhibits antifeedant, insect repellent and insect sterilization properties. Unlike chemical insecticides, AZADIRACHTIN works on the insect's hormonal system, not on the digestive or nervous system, and does not lead to development of resistance in future generations.


Neem Cake is an excellent organic fertilizer. The high azadirachtin content in Neem Cake protects crops against parasite nematodes and enriches the soil.


Application rate: (kg. per hectare) 200 kgs to 400 kgs per hectare 1 kg for plots of 10 to 15 sq. metre. Neem Cake can also be mixed with organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers (urea and other complex fertilizers) as well to promote the slow release of nitrogen for the plants to absorb.


Packing: 20. 25, 50kg packing in HDPP bags. Also supplied in Jumbo Bags (500kg & 1000kg)

Loadability: 20metric tons in 20ft container.

Shipment time: 20days minimum from the date of receipt of L/C.


High quality Neem seed kernels are crushed to extract Neem Oil using a proprietary cold pressing process that enhances / retains natural levels of azadirachtin to a minimum of 1800 ppm. Research has shown that the seed oil of Azadirachta indica (Neem) can control nearly 200 species of insects. It may not kill the pests instantaneously but incapacitate it in several other ways. Neem Biopesticides are well suited for an “Integrated Pest Management” (IPM) Program because of the following salient features: · Neem Pesticide is a natural product, absolutely non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Neem has a broad spectrum of action active on more than 200 species of pests. · Neem is harmless to non-target and beneficial organisms like pollinators, honey bees, mammals and other vertebrates. Neem Oil is also highly cost effective. Just one litre of Neem Oil is required per spraying for the protection of one hectare of crop. Neem Oil is extremely simple to use as a foliar spray to control pests


Specification: 1800 ppm Azadirachtin

Dosage: 1.0 liter per hectare Suggested dilution: 1:200 in water.

Packing: In 1kg retail packs to 200 litre sea worthy barrels.

Shipment time: 20days minimum from the date of receipt of L/C.

Pest control: Some of the pests controlled by neem are Aphids, Army Worms, Beet Army Worms, Blow Flies, Brown Plant Hopper, Caterpillars, Chinch Bugs, Colorado Potato Beetle, Cotton Boil Worm, Cowpea Weevil, Desert Locust. There are many others Diamondback Moths, Fungus Gnats, Grain Borer, Green Rice Leaf Hopper, Greenhouse White Flies, Gypsy Moths, Horn Flies, Horn Worms, Japanese Beetles, Kharpa Beetle, Leaf Beetle, Leaf Hopper, Leaf Miners, Loopers, Mealy Bugs, Mexican Bean Beetle, Migratory Locust, Pink Boll Worm, Plant Bugs, Potato Tuber Moth, Red Cotton Bug, Red Flour Beetle, Rice Gal Midge, Rice Hispa, Rice Leaf Folder, Rice Weevil, Sorghum Shoot Fly, Spiny Boll Worm, Spotted Cucumber Beetle, Sweet Potato White Flies Thrips, Tobacco Caterpillar, Tobacco Horn Worm, Vegetable Leaf Miner, Web Worms, Weevils.