5P Hortiplex, with a track record of over 15years, is well established in Live Plants Handling & Export in SOILLESS MEDIUM. Since inception, our products havfe reached every Continent of this World.

14years of experience in managing transplant-shock that plants go thro' during the process of transferring them from soil to soil-less medium has helped us understand the reaction of individual species to this traumatic process. This understanding has proved to be crucial in managing the final shipping schedule of plants, so transplanted, thereby enabling smooth relationships across the entire supply chain right upto the end customer.


We specialise in supply of quality Coconut Palms of 1m to 7m clear trunk height. It may be noted that 5P Hortiplex is the largest supplier of Coconut Palm Trees from India directly and through 3rd party exporters. Stringent quality and phytosanitary standards are employed from the time of selection of trees upto the time of delivery. Coconut trees are delivered by Containers, Country Boats and Sea-Barges.

* Most familiar with Middle-East & Maldives Project Standards

Plants - Small & Large Size Trees incl. Avenue trees & Palm trees

Quality Products

Every material is supplied stricly as per customer specifications and by employing scientifically appropriate handling, packing systems .

Transport Logistics

5P is well conversant with product specific packing & logistics suitable for plants, trees & other products.

100% Natural Bio-Products

Pure & Natural products like Cold-pressed Neem Oil, Neem Cake granules, Enriched Biocompost, Vermicompost, Pure Cowdung Manure.

Business is, Continuing Relationships!

Keen emphasis is laid on long term relationships thro Quality & Timely deliveries combined with principled and ethical business practices.