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Global suppliers: Live Plants | Coir-fibre peat | Bio-Fertilizers | Bio- Pesticides | Neem based Agri Products | Agro-Horti Equipment | Garden Stones & Pebbles

Together, Let US Make The World a Garden, a Better Place for All

Global suppliers: Live Plants | Coir-fibre peat | Bio-Fertilizers | Bio- Pesticides | Neem based Agri Products | Agro-Horti Equipment | Garden Stones & Pebbles


We provide for your Landscaping and Horticultural Project Needs.

Landscaping Plants & Trees (Click for details)

Plants - Small & Large Size Trees incl. Avenue trees & Palm trees for International Projects

Cocopeat, Neem & Biofertilizers (Click for details)

Eco-Friendly Growing Substrate (Cocopeat / Coconut Fibre Peat), Neem Oil, Neem Cake Biofertilizer, Vermicompost, Cow Dung Manure, Bio Compost, Liquid fertilizers, Vermicompost, Composted Pure Cowdung and Plant Nutrients & Trace Elements

Hardscape Stones & Artefacts (Click for details)

The finest international range of Stones & Artefacts for your Hardscape & Building requirements. An exciting range of exquisite building stones incl. Paving sandstone, Slate, Granite, Marble, and limestone as well as handicrafts items (artefacts & carvings).

Agricultural Tools & Machinery (Click for details)

Supplimenting our basic products by supplying Branded Tools & Equipment required for Project Execution

Beach Resort Landscaping & (Click for details)

Field-Experienced Horti-Landscape Consultant with International Exposure, to provide Pure Consulting & Turnkey Landscaping Project Execution


* 5P Hortiplex, 15years in Live Plants Handling & Export in SOILLESS MEDIUM, Export of Cocopeat, Neem & other Bio-inputs..

* Since inception, our products have reached every Continent of this World.

* Nursery expertise in managing transplant-shock to plants during transplant from soil to soil-less medium has helped us understand response of individual species to this traumatic process. This understanding has proved to be crucial in managing shipping schedule of plants effeciently.

* We specialise in supply of quality Coconut Palms of 1m to 7m clear trunk height.

*5P Hortiplex is the largest supplier of Coconut Palm Trees from India directly and through 3rd party exporters.

Coconut trees are delivered by Containers, Country Boats and Sea-Barges.

* Very familiar with Middle-East & Maldives Project Standards

Plants sizes range from Small Seedlings to Large Size Trees incl. Avenue trees & Palm Trees

Quality Products

Every material is supplied strictly as per customer specifications and by employing scientifically appropriate handling, packing systems.

Transport Logistics:

5P is well conversant with product specific packing & logistics suitable for plants, trees & other products. Modes of Transport: AIR-(in corrugated boxes & pallets; SEA - by Reefer Containers, Open-Top Containers

100% Natural Bio-Products:

Pure & Natural products like Cold-pressed Neem Oil, Neem Cake granules, Enriched Biocompost, Vermicompost, Pure Cowdung Manure.

'Business is Continuing Relationship'

Keen emphasis is laid on long term relationships thro' Quality & Timely deliveries combined with principled and ethical business practices.


Millingtonia, Ficus beng. Parkinsonia, Cordia sebestena, Pongamia, Terminalia, etc - PRE-ESTABLISHED in COCOPEAT... it must be exciting for you


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